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This site is now an archive. For current work, go to the Zero One website.


The services I offer will mean different things depending who you are:

For the ordinary Joe

Think of me as your local, friendly maker/fixer of modern technical products. Got a problem with your laptop bag, or want an FM transmitter designed just for you? Come to me.

For small organisations

Think of me as a designer on call. I can research and design all kinds of interactive thingummies, images, products or systems based around your needs. Or your customers' needs.

Depending how many you need, I might then be able to make more of them for you, or put you in touch with the right people to do it. Or I can fix up your existing range or product systems so that they work more efficiently. I do all this using a process of interviewing, observations, mindmapping, sketching, modelling, testing and evaluation. Have a browse through the projects to get an idea.

Either way, the best thing is probably to ring me to set up a meeting.

For design organisations

Think of me as your auxiliary industrial designer. I can take on any stage of a product design process, working from your site or from my own premises. I can also talk, write or tutor on any part of the design process, design skills or methods, or my areas of primary interest. Here are my stats:

Primary interests:

  • Sustainable product and systems design
  • Appropriate/intermediate technologies
  • Man-machine interaction, tangible computer interfaces
  • Open source product design - investigating the dialogue between user and designer & re-thinking their traditional roles.


  • Sketching - [thumbnail drawings, rendered presentation drawings, developmental sketches]
  • Physical Modelling - [proof of concept & exploratory]
  • CAD - [Solidworks, Inventor, Solid Edge, 3DS Max, Rhinoceros, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, Dreamweaver]
  • Rapid prototyping/manufacture if required


  • User-centred inclusive design - [extensive user research, usability testing, co-design, stakeholder analysis]
  • Problem led, convergent design process - [problem definition, idea generation, concepting, design development, refinement, production]
  • Iterative prototyping, testing and improvement
  • Divergent research & experimentation

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