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Tension Table

> One-off Furniture design
> Self-initiated Project

The Tension Table has developed out of my now fully fledged obsession with wine bottle furniture! Only this time I was sure there was a way to build a table that supports itself on only two bottles in compression, with the required tension coming from a network of wire. The aim was to hold the whole structure in tension using one hook and eye strainer, that is visible through the table's upper glass surface. I was going for an eerie, that-shouldn't-stay-up feel for this one which was a surprise success of the kitchen shelves - many people were confounded as to how they stood up!

It is also worth noting that the genesis of this table was in the lovely pieces of joinery that it utilises, which were found down the road from my flat. The table really sprang out of a desire to create something elegant with these matching pieces of discarded furnishing.

A pleasurable by-product of this construction is the table's inherant musicality: The wires were initially of a narrow guage and hence resonated voluntarily when an object was placed on the table. I found that the pitch of the wires' vibration varied with the weight placed on the table and its location. I was faced with the decision of whether Tension Table wanted to be a wobbly instrument or a sturdy table!

I went with the name, and opted to make it a table. Hence I went straight to Willy Bain's bike repair shop and with his advice got some tandem bicycle brake cable (nice long lengths) and some solderless nipples to hold the tension. The result is a sturdy construction with just a little give, and soft tones when the cables are plucked. The next project is the instrumental version!

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