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Ten Green Wee Shelving

> Industrial design
> Coach House Trust and Zero-waste Design

Ten Green Wee Shelving is a spinoff from Ten Green Modular Shelving. Ten Green Wee is a shelving unit constructed from found timber and used beer bottles. This shelving unit is designed to sit upon a kitchen counter or desk, or built up from the floor. It is a compact system that is easily assembled, adapted and disassembled - ideal for those who move residence often. All you need once you move in is a raucous housewarming to provide the empties!

The prototype was built with the Coach House Trust in Glasgow, using bottles from their recycling centre, and wood from the maintenance of their own sites. You can use any found timber, and adapt the dimensions to suit the wood you are working with.

Ten Green Wee shelves are very much open source. Check them out on Instructables using the link below:

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