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Ten Green

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Ten Green Modular Shelving

Ten Green is a modular shelving system, constructed simply from local recyclates. The design stemmed from an ongoing collaboration with the Coach House Trust, a Glasgow-based charitable trust that runs all sorts of ecological schemes and occupational therapy workshops. The brief is to find re-uses for the large amount of material the Coach House Trust collects for recycling, thereby tightening the circle of material re-use, keeping it local, reducing environmental costs as well as generating revenue.

The shelving system is designed for very simple construction, appropriate to the Trust's facilities such that it could in the future be produced through one of their workshops. It uses reclaimed bottles and wood, and no adhesives, thereby becoming extremely simple to disassemble and reconfigure or reuse for other means.

Ten Green was exhibited at the [re]design 06 exhibition in London in September 2006

The Ten Green project is expanding into a range of custom built and modular furnishings, including coffee tables and a smaller kitchen shelving unit. If you would like to commission a table or shelving unit, please contact roy(at)zero-waste.co.uk.

Ten Green Kitchen Shelving

A kitchen shelving unit constructed from found timber and used beer bottles. This shelf unit is designed to sit upon a kitchen counter or desk. It is a compact system that is easily assembled, adpted and disassembled - ideal for those who move residence often. All you need once you move in is a raucous housewarming to provide the empties!

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