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Open Source Product Concepts

> Industrial/home-made design
> Self-initiated project

The open source software movement has had a profound effect on computing. How can we draw an analogy with industrial or product design? Can it still be so-called if products are designed, distributed and manufactured purely by users? With the advent of social netwroking web software, CEM, CAD and rapid manufacture systems, this is surely an inevitability.

I am distributing these products as prototypes of this new design methodology, exploiting media that are currently commonly available for rapid computer based product development. The designs are 'copyleft' - you are invited to download the source plans, build your own, even sell your own. I hope you will re-interpret them and improves them to suit your needs. The Open Source Product Concepts Project is ongoing and depends on the collaborative actions of other designers and users.

All designs are distributed under this Creative Commons License [Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5].

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