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Big Tape

> one-off
> with Jonnie Common

photo by Chris Byrne

Musician, furniture maker, director and general polymath Jonnie Common decided that we needed a x15 scale cassette tape for the 'Pherenzik Tear' promo video by Inspector Tapehead (in which we both play along with Chris Croasdale). So we set about making one, together. We knew the spools would have to turn so I hacked a couple of Walkmans leftover from the Tapehead Inspector project as a drive mechanism. 'How authentic!' you might say, except the resulting rotation was curiously much faster than that of a walkman. Oh well. Originally I had wanted to drive the lights and motors off an arduino such that we could program them, or have them respond to sound levels. However there is really only so much time one should spend on what is ultimately a prop for a 4 minute video with no budget, and we deemed about 4 days to be it!

The Making Of, also by Jonnie Common:

And the finished promo:

That's me on the drums.

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