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Azimuth: Integrated Surveying

> Product Design Engineering
> Academic/industry project
> 5th Year, Glasgow School of Art
> Industrial partners: British Geological Survey and GU Earth Sciences

This project began with extensive requirements capture and detailed analysis of the way various surveyors work in the field, whether they be geologists, geotechnicians, archaeologists or land surveyors. A distinct demand was identified for a solution to ergonomic problems brought on by current trends towards more digital methodologies, inadequately specified existing equipment, and functionally inflexible tools. A solution was developed in close collaboration with expert users at the British Geological Survey and the University of Glasgow Earth Sciences Department, involving several 'co-design' exercises and repetitive field testing of prototypes.

The result was Azimuth: an integrated surveying tool for geologists and other outdoor surveyors.

Azimuth represents a new approach to outdoor surveying: a system that integrates all possible measurement and analysis tools required of the surveyor or outdoor enthusiast. The system allows the user to dictate how they work, seamlessly transferring human observations to digital or analogue tools of the user's choice. The Azimuth wallet provides a case in which to mount the user's toolkit and a portable workspace immune to the wildest weather conditions.

The system also addresses the shortcomings of existing digital tools, reinterpreting them in a way that is inlcusive of and understandable by users of all ages and levels of computer literacy. The system at the same time presents a more sustainable approach to the supply amd manufacture of modern survey equipment, by extensive modularity and cascading units between users.

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