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This site is now an archive. For current work, go to the Zero One website.


Zero-waste undertakes a variety of design projects including those that are academic, commercial or speculative. I operate primarily a problem-led design process, having led in the past to solutions in the form of websites, physical products and system specifications.

NB. Since 2010 my projects have mainly been documented on the blog rather than on this site. The links below reflect this, so some will take you to the blog.

Projects in progress:

  • Trombone Sensor - a bespoke bit of stage lighting for Brass, Aye?.
  • Absolute Horizon - an immersive light and puppetry performance with Fergus Dunnet.
  • Kick - The final installment of a trilogy of solo percussion performances.

Previous projects:


  • Tutoring Services: Glasgow School of Art - championing interactive prototyping across a range of design subjects.
  • Mack Library model lighting - electronic design and fitting for Finch and Fouracre
  • Calum Stirling - CAD consultancy for Calum.


  • Bronze chair - CAD work for a sculptural chair, to be cut and welded from bronze sheet.
  • Ref Cafe sign - a tweetable sign for the Referendum Cafe, with Neil McGuire and Lizzie Malcolm.
  • Snare - an improvised performance and installation using snare drums, for Team Effort.



  • Open Thing - Developing the tools and methods for designing open products.
  • ToTEM plinths - Exhibition plinth design and build for a research symposium.
  • The Glad Cafe - Interior design and build for a new Glasgow music venue.
  • Corrigan Shelves - A development of the Ferguson Shelves using Irn Bru bottles.
  • Alloy EP Packaging - Packaging design for dBass' CD EP.
  • Plex - Sound responsive LED matrix prototype for Carlo Viscione.
  • Skinny's Jeans - A pair of dancing jeans inspired by The Skinny's listings pages.
  • Campbell Chair - A custom chair design and build.
  • Maklab - Setting up an open access digital fabrication workshop in Glasgow.
  • Tutoring Services: DJCAD - tutoring 2nd Year Product Design modules.
  • Worhaus Coffee Table Electronics - designing. specifying and fitting lighting for Colin's new table.
  • Public Speaking: Mass Making - a talk for the Forum for Critical Enquiry at GSA.




  • Niftymitter - a tiny FM transmitter, based around Tetsuo Kogawa's electronic design.
  • Dive! - a laser engraved cribbage board.
  • Eco Chandelier - a one-off chandelier designed and built by schoolkids.







  • Beacon - a handrail using light as a guide
  • Medical Procedure Tray - a reaction to the problem of sharps disposal in the Western Infirmary, Glasgow
  • OpenLantern - a low impact, 'hack' lamp design
  • Libero - a dimming light switch designed with Fabio Guaricci


  • theSound - ongoing experiment in online presentation and discussion of artistic works.
  • The NYK Experiment - PR materials for this Glasgow radio show.
  • Jam. - graphic design for this open stage jazz night.

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